Projector Screen (Korea)

Baycus Office Furniture offers portable projector screens and motorised projector screens (Product of Korea) for meeting room, conference room, lecture rooms and company function room.  For motorised screen, please contact our sales for more details.

Portable Screen (With Tripod)

Portable Screen (With Tripod)

Ration 4:3

  • 60 inches: W1220 x H875mm
  • 80 inches: W1630 x H1210mm
  • 100inches: W2035 x H1525mm
  • Ration 16:9

  • 60 inches: W1330 x H875mm
  • 80 inches: W1770 x H1000mm
  • 100inches: W2020 x H1250mm
  • Tripod Stand

    Tripod Stand