Office Compactors

Baycus Office Furniture offers a range of furniture designed specifically for real estate conservation. Our office compactors help you make better use of available horizontal and vertical space in your facility so that you can eliminate clutter while getting the maximum use out of your available floor space. Office compactors also come in several different styles in order to accommodate your needs as well as provide better aesthetics.

Frequently Ask Question about Installation or Purchase of Compactors System

Do we need a PE (Professional Engineer) endorsement for the installation of Compactors System?

The primary concern for the installation of the compactor system is whether the loading requirement of the fully loaded compactor system fits the loading capacity of the building.  For example, normal building for 2nd level and above may have a loading capacity of 5KN per square meter, so we have to ensure that the loading of the compactor system is lower than the maximum loading capacity of the level.  For some building management, they will require an PE endorsement to verify that the loading requirement is being met.  For our system, we have calculated that the loading capacity is suitable for building with a loading capacity of at least 4KN per square meter.  Details of the loading can be provide upon request.  Usually, if the compactor system is installed on ground level, no PE endorsement will be needed unless stated otherwise by the relevant building management.

What is the space saving for installing a compactor system?

The space saving will increase as the number of bays increases.  Space saving for compactor system can be as much as 60 percent for multiple column and multiple rows compactors configuration.  Another advantage of the compactor system is the central locking system whereby the whole system can be locked from unauthorized access.

Can we re-locate the compactors system?

Our compactor system make use of level-structured platform to house the cabinets, hence, there will be no drilling of screws onto the floor and all components and parts are modular system which can be easily dismantled and re-assembled at another location.