• Workstation with Office Partition Installation and Arrangement

    Pei Hwa Sceondary School has engeged our services to add on office partition for their existing office system.  One of the requirement is to re-arrange a row of office workstations and changing the original orientation of the table, side table, flipper door cabinet and open shelf together with their fabric office partition panel to face the front of the office door.

    The frame of the fabric panel and the colour of the fabric will have to be matched as close as possible.  Our installers have improvised with their existing tools to integrate with our office partition system.  The end result was as follows:

    Office Partition Panel from Baycus Office Workstation from Baycus office workstation (Pei Hwa Sec Sch) by Baycus

    The new system and the existing system merged successfully and all the workstations are aligned according to the user requirements.  We have successfully integrated our office partition system into their existing one without having the user to discard the whole lot office partition system and thus enable the end user to save cost and cater the budget for other usages.

    If you need help on the system partition or office space optimization, we are here to help.  Please call 96478633 to book an appointment or send us your enquiry to sales@baycus.com


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